January 25, 2012

Promise Canyon by Robyn Carr

Ok, note to self, the Virgin River series probably should be read in order. I actually read this book 2nd, after reading "Virgin River" and I was a little lost when it came to some of the plotlines and characters. While it probably could be read as a stand alone, I don't recommend it.

Clay has decided to make a move to Virgin River. After a divorce and being away from his son too long, its time to settle down and he finds a job with a Vet there, helping to rehabilitate horses. Because Clay's got a magic touch, there's even some rumors that he's a horse whisperer. And when a flighty stallion comes to the clinic, he's the one that gets to work with it. But there's another horse there too that's caught his interest. Blue, an abandoned horse that had colic, is there recuperating, and the woman who found her is irresistible. Lilly works for her grandfather for the local feed store and she's a flighty kind of person, one that Clay's not going to be able to catch very easy. Despite the fact that they both share a Native background, she doesn't want anything to do with Native men. Too much hurt in the past that she hasn't been able to overcome.

Clay is a pretty stand up guy. Although, and I should warn, this could spoil a few things so watch out! I cannot understand his motive with his ex-wife. For a man so dedicated to his son, marrying a woman who's family hates his son and thus not being able to have him with him, that just doesn't sound like a dedicated dad to me. And really we are told he's dedicated rather than shown. He also, for being such a stand up guy, puts the moves on Lilly rather quickly without even taking time to analyze if she's interested. Just seemed odd with what we were supposed to know of his personality. Lilly was pretty scarred and I think her actions as a result were spot on. But I also thought she changed her feelings way too easily. For someone who's always been flighty, its hard to see her reasoning things out very quick even with the help of a friend. A lot of characters from the first book I read were back in this one too, but I have to confess I barely recognized some of them and was hopelessly lost in the plotlines of the ones I did recognize since it was several books later.

The plot was ok as far as the romance between Clay and Lilly. However, it seemed like right in the middle of the book it sort of just jumped away from them for awhile and the transition was not very smooth. And it doesn't go back to their story for a little bit, which was kind of annoying. I think, that if she needed to add the other happenings of Virgin River to the book, Carr could have interspersed them a little better. I liked the added side plots, I just didn't like how they were thrown in. I do have to say, that because this is a romance novel there is sex, and descriptions of sex, and while its not especially naughty it is detailed. So those who don't like that in your books, you have been warned. The rest of the language was easy to read and actually this book turned out to be a very quick read.

Ok part of the Virgin River series, but a little too choppy for my taste. Hopefully when I go back to read the books in order that improves the story for me.

Promise Canyon
Copyright 2010
342 pages

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