January 06, 2012

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

I can't believe how much I enjoyed this book. It started off kind of blah for me but then I quickly got caught up into it and stayed up way later than I should have reading it. Just couldn't put it down and now I'm about ready to go immediately buy the second one today, which is something I never do.

Tessa travels to London after her aunt dies to be reunited with her brother Nate. But when she arrives, two strange women called the dark sisters kidnap her and tell her they're keeping her brother hostage. They explain to her that she has a unique talent of changing into people and that they will force her to learn how to use it so she can be married to the Magister, a powerful being who runs an exclusive group of people interested in the supernatural,demon,etc. world in London. Tessa is rescued though by a strange boy named Will. He takes her back to the institute where he and other beings known as Nephilim fight the demons that plague London. Because she seems tied in to a very insidious plot, Tessa is able to stay with them and quickly meets and grows fond of some of the other Nephilim. But Will is the one that makes her heart beat a little faster when she sees him.

Tessa is kind of a weird character but I like her. She's entirely too naive and maybe I just missed it but I'm not sure how old she is. My guess would be sixteen or so but she acts much younger sometimes. Will is very broody and moody and everything most girls are attracted too which automatically makes him the worst possible love interest for Tessa, but alas, hearts are foolish sometimes. He does have some pretty terrific battle scenes. I absolutely loved Jem and his kindness, the opposite of broody and moody he of course is the one I had the major crush on. The other characters were interesting too and they all had something to add to the story. Even the bad guys were fairly menacing in this one.

As I said before it started off slow but that didn't last long. Once I got to know the characters I was riveted. I like the idea of the clockwork and slight steampunk elements that were thrown in, but I would call this book largely fantasy. It had all sorts of magic, supernatural beings, and a quest to save the world from evil. But it was told in a very unique way. At least its nothing like anything I've ever read before. There are slight hints of romance, but since this is technically a young adult novel there was nothing too risque in it.

I did love this book and I probably rank it the best I've read this year so far. Which granted its not too far into the year, but still the best. I can't wait to read the second one.

Clockwork Angel
Copyright 2010
476 pages

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