January 30, 2012

.38 Caliber Cover-Up by Angi Morgan

Well I certainly can't fault this romance for not being fast paced or exciting. It was full of adventure. But unfortunately the chemistry just wasn't there for the characters in my opinion. And the plot seemed implausible at times, but then again I don't know that much about the police industry.

Erren Rhodes has been undercover a long time. So much so that he's lost his taste for the business. But when a dear friend of his is killed, he has one more mission under his belt. When he goes to pick up a clue though, he also gets a new partner in Darby O'Malley. She's a clue in all this, or at least he thinks she knows something, and considering the dirty cops are after her too, he's got to keep her with him to keep her safe. It doesn't help her brother is the main suspect in this murder either. And she's more focused on clearing his name than having a bunch of interest in Erren, even though he'd like her to.

I liked Darby. I thought she was feisty and she somewhat keeps her head in the game for the most part. But she did seem a little too trusting, despite the authors portrayal of her as being skeptical. Erren on the other hand I didn't really like at all. His motivations didn't seem genuine and he was actually kind of a jerk. He flip flopped a bunch as well so it was hard to tell what he was thinking at any given point in time. The bad guys weren't that menacing. Sure they did some bad stuff, but its largely in the background as Darby and Erren run around.

Most of this book was about Darby and Erren's attraction to each other, which is fine because this is a romance, but despite that, I still can't figure out why they were attracted to each other aside from looks. Their personalities clashed and it wasn't in a good way. There was a lot of running around doing things, but the things weren't always particularly exciting and sometimes they seemed to bounce around quite a bit. But I do like that the author tried to make it adventuresome and a little more than the regular romance. Since this is a romance, there is sex in the book, but its actually only one scene, they were too busy dodging bullets for any more than that.

Not the greatest but it was a quick read. I can't say I'll seek out any more romances from this author on purpose.

.38 Caliber Cover-Up
Copyright 2011
219 pages

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