January 06, 2012

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

I enjoyed this second book in the trilogy nearly as much as I did the first one. There were a few things that drove me a bit crazy though and lessened the enjoyment. Regardless, its still a good book. And yes you should read the first book before even attempting this one or you will have no clue what is going on.

After discovering her brother's betrayal and deciding to stay at the Institute with the Nephilim, Tessa finds herself trying to help them as they search for the evil Mortmain who is determined to bring them down. Its so hard to tell who is good and bad though and its not only Tessa who is having that problem. Even the head of the institute, Charlotte has to watch her back as others seek to remove her from office and leave the institute vulnerable during these troubled times. Tessa has more than just that to worry about though. She has been falling for Jem, despite her attraction to Will, and she is confused by her feelings for the two. Her heart is pulling her in two directions and with all the danger lurking about from Mortmain and his automotons she can't focus on it too hard or she may end up in his clutches.

I was a bit put out by Tessa in this novel. I'm a huge fan of Jem's and I found her treatment of him abhorrent. I just don't really see her attraction to the brooding Will, even if he does have a plausible story for his behavior. And speaking of Will, the difference in his character just rang untrue to me. He does have a reason for the switch but its not nearly compelling for how much it is different. Jem is as sweet as ever and I think that I have been reading this series mostly for him I admire him so (although I read because its a good book too). I thought the side characters were a little less as well this time around. They weren't as developed as they were in the first book. And some of the new characters were hardly given any time at all except for some superficial aspects of their personalities.

This book moved much slower than the last one. There was a lot more dialogue and the action scenes were less. I'm not really complaining per say, it was just a noticeable difference. This book was a little more risque too. Not anything near so wild that it dropped out of its realm as a young adult novel, but there was a bit of passion. Since it was mostly dialogue the bad guys weren't nearly as exciting to read about in this book. But I think as the second in the trilogy it does a good job of providing background and providing a middle to what is sure to be an exciting end.

I don't know what I'll do until the third book comes out. Perhaps go visit her other series which is somewhat related. I'm normally not so giddy over a series but I definitely want to know what happens this one.

Clockwork Prince
Copyright 2011
502 pages

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