January 02, 2012

Going Cowboy Crazy by Katie Lane

So the cover is what attracted me to this book. I can't deny it, its of a pretty fabulous looking cowboy. So right away you know this is going to be a romance. And it was. And not a half bad romance, but nothing out of this world. The cowboy on the cover was more exciting, but hey they can't all be winners.

When Faith rides into the small Texas town of Bramble she hopes to just find her long lost twin sister. What she doesn't expect is to run into handsome Slate, a cowboy coach who is well known about town. And she also doesn't expect to be taken for her twin sister Hope but things roll into one another and soon enough the entire town is convinced she's Hope and that she and Slate are meant to be together. Not that that's a problem of course, she's pretty attracted to Slate, but her goal is not to stay there, she just wants to find her sister and regain whatever sort of family she can since she lost her adoptive parents. Slate isn't sure what to think of Faith either. He's very attracted to her but he's not really the settling type. But there's something about Faith that makes him think he could change his mind.

Faith is a pretty good character. Much more likable than her sister Hope in my eyes anyway. She has just enough innocence to be believable but some fire too. Slate even is a decent character. He's strong, handsome, and has a few flaws to make him realistic. The problem I have is pairing the two together. Besides physical attraction I just couldn't figure out the draw between the two. The hot and cold elements of their relationship were confounding and I was never quite sure why different actions triggered different attractions between them. The townspeople were pretty dense too. It seemed pretty unbelievable that they would confuse Faith for Hope for the amount of time that they did.

As a romance goes it was ok. The bedroom scenes were pretty steamy and there were quite a few of them. I liked the idea of the plot and of the two twin sisters who didn't know about each other. It did seem plausible to me that Faith would seek her sister out, but the rest of the antics of the town and just the general goings on didn't ring authentic to me at all. There were just so many things that people did or believed that I figured either they were a town of idiots or reality really was suspended for the plot. I guess I just wish there were more plausible motivations for people's actions in the book. I also thought that the pace moved very very fast. Slowing it up might have given more room for better plot devices.

I'll still read the sequel probably. Just because of the cover on that one too. And they are a quick light read for those who like cowboy romances.

Going Cowboy Crazy
Copyright 2011
345 pages

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