December 11, 2011

A Town Called Valentine by Emma Cane

**This book was received as a Free Advanced Readers Copy through the Amazon Vine program.

Its not often I call a romance novel fantastic. They're light candy reading for me. But I was able to identify with the main character in this one so much, that it made it absolutely stupendous for me.

After the breakup of her marriage that leaves her poor, confused, and alone, Emily isn't sure whats going to happen with her life. She returns to her mother's hometown where she's inherited a building to try to sell it so she can afford to go back to college and support herself. What she doesn't expect is to meet Nate, a handsome rancher, the first night and get into a little romance. But Nate isn't look for long term, and neither is she, but there's a definite attraction there. And when she finds she'll have to stay longer because the building has been torn apart by the past tenants, Nate can't resist helping her. And when she learns that her real father may be in the town as well, he becomes a shoulder to lean on.

I really identified with Emily. I too had a relationship that just went down the drain and left me financially unstable and wondering what on earth happened. And I have no doubt that the person would have left me for the same reason Emily's husband left her if I hadn't of ended the relationship first. But she still fights to be strong and make a life for herself and I admire that greatly. Plus she liked to cook and bake, a woman after my own heart. Nate is slightly a little less appealing, but maybe that's because I haven't met my own handsome rancher yet. He is pretty steady though and recognizes that he has faults and I admire that. Emily also made some great friends in town and I can only hope that the next books in the series are about them.

This book is about overcoming struggles and still believing in love. And I really need that right now so that's probably why I loved the book. The writing isn't half bad though and for a romance its very interesting. Though like most romances there are some pretty risque stuff in here. The books got great characters, a good plot, and a lot of other things going for it. Its a romance for those of us who have been broken-hearted.

I can't wait to read the rest of the books in the series and hope I'll enjoy them as much as I've enjoyed this one. Definitely a good read.

A Town Called Valentine
Copyright 2012
372 pages

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