December 17, 2011

Knit the Season by Kate Jacobs

Ah, a Christmas book. Sadly it wasn't that good. I've read some of Kate Jacob's other stuff and liked it, but just wasn't as impressed with this one. If you haven't read any of the other books in the series, I don't really recommend reading this one as you'll be completely lost.

Its a few years down the road and Dakota is busy in pastry school and running her late mother's knitting shop. She lives with her dad and is growing closer to him, but can't always decide what she wants from family. She has two friends in her knitting club that are getting married too; Anita who has been planning and replanning weddings due to her sons interference, and Catherine who has finally found love late in life. But the biggest problem to face is Dakota's decision on her life. She needs to decide whether to pursue an internship good for her career or go visit her great-grandmother in Scotland.

I just didn't feel as close to the characters in this book as I had before. They weren't as likable; Dakota especially. She just seemed kind of wishy washy yet people still bent over backwards for her. The other characters kind of took a back burner to her too even though their stories were much more interesting. And Dakota's father, James, I never have been a fan of. He's very flaky.

If the description made the book sound boring, that was about right. I had a hard time trying to read this book just because it was quite dull. And for being a Knit the Season title, it didn't really have much holiday type stuff incorporated into it. The characters dramas were pushed forward ahead of it so you didn't get that warm fuzzy feeling you normally do from reading holiday books. Jacobs was thoughtful enough to include some knitting patterns and recipes in the back of the book though, so that was something.

Not my favorite from Jacobs and I wouldn't really recommend it. I can only hope when more of her books come out that they'll go back to being as good as the original.

Knit the Season
Copyright 2009
260 pages

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