December 08, 2011

By Hook or By Crook by Betty Hechtman

Another cozy mystery, and as such, very cozy! But not wildly entertaining at the same time. I found this to be a good, but average book.

Molly and her crotchet group seem to find themselves in the middle of investigations all the time. Or at least Molly does. So when a mysterious filet crochet piece shows up at a fundraiser they're doing, with an even more mysterious letter, its hard to tell whats going on. But then the one person they think it leads to winds up dead and its up to Molly to figure out the clues and the killer, before they are able to harm her. Add in a mixed up dating life and a troublesome mother visiting, and Molly's got a lot going on.

Molly was an ok character. She seems to harbor a lot of animosity for some other characters though, but then again I haven't read the previous books so maybe there's a reason. Her crotchet friends are nice, but with the exception of Dinah not really a huge part of the book. Which is surprising since it kind of revolves around the crochet group. I also didn't think the bad guy was very scary either. So very tame characters all around.

I like how they used the filet crotchet piece to be the clue to the mystery, but aside from that it wasn't very original. It actually was kind of predictable with the exception of who the bad guy was. Which I suppose is good and left a bit of the element of surprise. The writing was easy to read, and comforting as often these types of mysteries are.

An easy read that's good for when you need a quick book on hand.

By Hook or By Crook
Copyright 2009
261 pages

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