March 13, 2014

People of the Moon by Kathleen O'Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear

This is the first book in the series that I would actually say you should read others before reading it.  It very closely ties in to the book People of the Silence so I would say you should read them in order.  That being said, if you skip this one in the series, I don't really feel like you would miss much.

The First People, under the new command of Webworm, still are not doing as well as they should.  They are oppressing the people and when drought and pests destroy the crops, a desperate act by farmers to steal food is brought low by retaliation and cannibalism.  A new Dreamer has arrived though and he has seen the end of the First People, but the question remains as to whether people will follow their heart or follow the dream.

I can't say I really liked any of the characters.  They weren't developed and there were so many bouncing around that it was hard to keep track of them all.  And you didn't get a conclusion on many of them that wraps their stories up, so even if you did care for them, you may not know what happened to them.  Nightshade was as spooky as she's been in previous books, but since she's older it's somehow not as menacing.  And again there is madness that plagues the antagonists in this book.  That seems to be one of the only ways people are truly bad in these books.

This book was long and drawn out.  It bounced around from place to place and I felt that some of the plot was just put in there at random without a lot of thought given to it.  I actually had a hard time reading this one, it took me about three times longer than normal to read a book of this size.  And it's because I had to keep stopping because I wasn't interested in what was going on.  A plus would be there was a lot of history and lore in this book.  Clothing, rituals, etc. was detailed and it helped explained what happened in that period of history.  But unfortunately the actual plot just didn't have enough going for it.

Probably one of my least favorites in the series.  I only have a few books left in the series though, so here's hoping they are better!

People of the Moon
Copyright 2005
603 pages

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