March 01, 2014

Edible by Daniella Martin

Entomophagy, have you heard of it?  It's eating bugs and as much as you can be grossed out by the subject, it's also something that warrants a closer look.  Because this is a protein source that makes much more sense than some of our current sources.

Martin studied anthropology and took a special interest in bugs; the eating of them that is.  In writing this book she explores how the eating of bugs evolved through time (our ancestors diets would probably have surprised us), how people around the world are still eating bugs, and the different cuisines that incorporate them.  She travels around the world, attending special restaurants or conventions that also specialize in eating bugs.  At the end, there are sections on how to raise bugs at home, a list of edible insects, and recipes.

I found the book fascinating.  The way Martin shows how bugs are used in cooking definitely makes it sound like a normal part of life and that we're the abnormal ones for not eating them.  She presents good arguments for why eating insects would help on a global scale for feeding the world.  And she makes everything sound appetizing.  I'm not joking when I say I'd gladly try eating some of the dishes she describes because they do sound quite good.  And her writing style in general is pretty funny.  She throws in plenty of jokes, writes in a conversational style, and you don't feel like you're reading a scientific type of book because it is so approachable.

Some people will be grossed out though.  We're raised not to think of bugs as food and the whole concept can make your skin crawl if you let it.  But if you loosen up and let go of your preconceived notions, it is quite interesting.  This book also has the potential to offend the vegetarians and vegans.  Martin doesn't think it's a bad diet, but she also does say was she thinks about it in terms of a diet that would suit the world and how it impacts people's activities. 

A very interesting book and one that made me think about eating bugs.  Not often that a piece of reading material can do that for you.  Very enjoyable!

Copyright 2014
252 pages

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