January 06, 2014

People of the Wolf by W. Michael Gear & Kathleen O'Neal Gear

People of the Wolf is the first book in The First North Americans series.  The series numbers into the teens now, so if you're looking to start a long term reading project, this is probably a good one to go for.  Although I do have to say, this first book was pretty chaotic.

Two brothers, born of rape, have very different destinies.  Runs with Light is given a dream, one that could potentially save his people, although it involves a perilous journey under Ice into a new world.  Raven Hunter is the warrior, who is determined to save the people and gain power by fighting their enemies.  And lastly, a woman named Fox Dancer is thrown as low as she can go and has to determine what her own destiny will be, and if it will include one of the brothers.

Fox Dancer is probably the best character in this book.  She's the only one that grows and in that growth doesn't become completely zany.  Both Raven Hunter and Runs With Light have some serious mental issues going on.  And granted one is supposed to represent light and one is supposed to represent dark (any guesses as to who's who?) the whole good vs. evil thing is pretty heavily done.  Runs With Light I never liked.  He is a weak character and despite his dreams, I really don't feel like he contributes that much to the story outside of having others do his instructions.  Raven Hunter is at least interesting, aside from being a raving lunatic.  I can't say I like him but I found him a better character than Runs In Light.

The plot was a bit mystical.  You have all these dreamers running around try to save their people.  And their dreams are pretty strange and esoteric.  And everyone wants power so there's a constant struggle going on in addition to starvation and violence.  There is a journey in a sense in the book, but I think it takes a backseat to the who concept of Dreamers and some of the culture of these early peoples that the authors were trying to present.  I think had the journey been a little more of the focus it would have made this into a great book.

Not a strong start but it's still an interesting beginning to the series.  I'll definitely keep reading the rest of the books.

People of the Wolf
Copyright 1990
435 pages

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