January 09, 2014

People of the Fire by Kathleen O'Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear

People of the Fire is the second book in the First North Americans series by the Gears.  I don't really think you have to read the books in order.  Honestly I read the first book first and was still a little confused at times.

Drought is upon the land and has brought strife between the different peoples who dwell in the mountains and the plains.  The plains people have a dominating leader who is striving to make women inferior.  Little Dancer, a boy who has been with them for awhile, is suddenly thrust out of the clan when his mother stands up to the leader.  Meanwhile, in the mountains, the people mourn the loss of their spirit bundle and one man wants to get it back and also get even for his humiliation. 

There are a lot of dominating men in this series.  It seems like the men are all either bad evil people, subservient, or young boys with Dreams.  There's no average guy to be found.  The women are always pretty wise and strong.  It just doesn't seem like things are very even among the sexes.  Probably the best character was Elk Charm because she was somewhat normal.  She wasn't running after power or dreams or being a warrior.  She just wanted to live a normal life. 

So, is it just me, or did anyone else realize that there's a leather bag talking throughout this whole book?  I know this is fiction, but considering the series is written by two archaeologists it surprises me that there is so much mysticism and magic in it.  Not that that's a bad thing, it's just surprising.  And well let's face it, I don't find a talking bundle too interesting.  But there was a lot of conflict so those who like action books will probably be ok with this one.  But it should be warned there is also violence and rape to go along with that conflict.

Once again, just an ok book.  It was good enough to keep reading the series but nothing to rave about.

People of the Fire
Copyright 1991
467 pages

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