November 10, 2013

Voice of the Eagle by Linda Lay Shuler

Voice of the Eagle is the second book in Shuler's Kwani series.  I would say that this is definitely a series you need to read in order, as it makes reference to characters and events that happen in the previous book.  You'd be a little lost if you started out on this one.

Kwani has had her son and become the mate of Tolonqua, a handsome hunting chief.  They return to his home where she is mostly welcomed, despite her blue eyes.  But not all is well.  Tolonqua is the leader of a group that wants to build a new city.  One that will be better protected.  But some have reason to hate him and Kwani and don't want to see that happen.  And they will try everything in their power to stop it.

This book has the same problem as the first one in that the characters just aren't that likable.  They all think they're pretty special and above the rules of society.  Some humility would not be unwelcome.  And they're a bit selfish as well.  While I recognize it probably makes the book realistic, I still wanted some character I could care about and really root for.  And the bad guys, well let's just say that there is always at least one that is easily taken care of and they don't have any redeeming qualities at all.

I think part of the problem with the characters is on account of the pace.  This is a big book but it moves very quickly.  So much so that my favorite part, the last section, was not nearly long enough even though it was the most interesting.  I enjoyed hearing about Kwani's children grown up and everything that was happening and even Kwani became a more likable character.  There is a lot of history and information that was provided in the book though and I think it was well researched for a work of fiction.  I'm sure there are some errors, but it's clear that the author spent time learning about what she was writing.  I will put in my standard warning that there is graphic mention of sex and violence in the book, but it was all keeping with the time and setting of the book.

I'll read the third book.  I want to know what happens and where the story is taken from here.  But once again I'll be hoping for some better characters.

Voice of the Eagle
Copyright 1993
615 pages

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