November 12, 2013

Stuff You Already Know by Gina DeLapa

Short, sweet, and to the point, Stuff You Already Know is filled with advice tidbits that are mostly helpful.  It's the stuff that your parents, grandparents, colleagues, and others tell you trying to be helpful.  Although ultimately, it's up to you to decide how to best run your life.

Stuff You Already Know has 437 tips for getting through life.  Some of it you may already know, some of it you don't.  Most are tips given straight from the author herself, although there are some from relatives and friends of hers as well.  In addition to one sentence tips, there are others that she expands on, telling either a personal story or giving a web link or detail and explanation that needs more than just one sentence.  All are to the point and not ambiguous. 

I agree with most of the advice that was given in this book.  From such gems as "Don't fry bacon while naked" to "Don't try to win everyone's approval," there's a lot in here that can apply to everyone.  But there are some things I don't agree with.  Like always respond to an invite.  Because let's face it, in today's world of a million facebook invites, you'd be spending most of your day responding to them and not living your life.  Or some of her advice on employment such as "stay home when you're sick."  This all depends on the workplace culture.  You could argue that you shouldn't be working in a place that makes you work when you're sick, but sometimes those bills just have to be paid until you can get to something better.  It should also be noted that this book is Christian in nature and gives a few tips relating to that as well; it does have a tip that says you should recognize that not all share the same religion as well to counterbalance this.

It was a quick read, and cute for a recent high school or college graduate as a gift.  Since it was written for the author's nephew (per the introduction) it seems like it was actually intended for that purpose.  But really, anyone who needs to have life put into perspective occasionally would probably enjoy this book.

Stuff You Already Know
Copyright 2013
150 pages

*This book was received as a Free Advanced Reader's Copy**

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