May 29, 2012

Crashing Eden by Michael Sussman

*This book was received as a Free Advanced Reader's Copy*

This book was not at all what I expected it to be.  I expected Dystopian, the title and cover seemed to point to that, but while I might consider it slightly dystopian, I actually considered it more theology and fantasy and a little bit of other stuff thrown in.

Joss has been a troublemaker most his life.  After the death of his brother, things just went a little crazier for him and after spending some time in Juvie, he gets to return home to his parents and his sister.  But then after a bike accident, he begins to hear strange things, and it completely changes his outlook on life.  Instead of the anger he was feeling, it melts into peace and understanding, and with the help of some chance encounters, he also discovers that the sound is a part of something more.  It unlocks Eden, sends those who hear it crashing into the forbidden and as it catches on, the one who threw humans out of Eden begins to notice, and is not happy at all.

I like Joss.  Despite what a terrible person he seems to have been you can't help but like him.  He is just that relate-able as a character.  I even liked his little sister, she was charming in a way although at times much wiser beyond her six years.  That being said his mother was just way out there.  I'm sure there's really people out there like that, but I just couldn't like her at all.  And I found Alessa, a girl he hurt, a bit unbelievable too.  It seems to me that forgiveness is a hard thing to reach, and she reached it so easily.  So maybe she's just a better person than me, who knows.

The plot was very interesting.  I liked the theology thrown in, although if you are a very strict Christian, this may not be the book for you.  It has a little wider mind of how the Universe works.  And I like that version of the Universe, it is a unique take on it.  I also enjoyed how the characters discovered some of the ideas in this book on how the world works.  I also enjoyed the way the book was written and how even though it seemed geared towards young adults, adults could enjoy the themes and writing style as well.  My biggest complaint would probably be that the ending seemed too easy.  The book meandered through the first half and then rushed through the second and it was almost as if the author was in a hurry to finish up the book and didn't expand and create a more involved ending.  It was still a good ending, don't get me wrong, but maybe not as fantastic as it could have been.

Definitely interesting and I would probably look for more from this author.  Unique concepts made this book a worthwhile read.

Crashing Eden
Copyright 2012
214 pages

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