February 23, 2014

The Lake of Dead Languages by Carol Goodman

Mystery, intrigue, this was a spooky sort of book.  Which is somewhat strange since it involves the Latin language and a girl's school.  But I guess a bunch of teenage girls could be considered scary.

Jane has been hiding a secret for a long time.  A secret that involved the death of two of her roommates in high school.  Now, returning as a teacher to the same school, the events of that year are starting to happen again.  Is it the curse of the lake?  Or something else that is going on?

Jane is not a strong character.  She waffles a lot and has indecision.  So she's definitely imperfect.  And that's fine.  It suits her.  Although I thought her change of heart at the end was a bit out of character, but you'll see what I mean when you read the book.  Her students were the typical lot of misbehaving girls.  They all had problems and of course authority figures couldn't help them with it.  Same thing with her friends when they were school aged.  So all of the characterization was pretty authentic and what girls of their ages would act like.

I solved the mystery about two thirds of the way into the book.  But that didn't lessen the enjoyment.  Instead I then got to sit in anticipation of what was going to happen and how the characters would find out what I knew.  I also had a lot of flashbacks of Latin class come to my mind while reading this, and at the very least everyone who reads the book will know how to say "girl" in Latin when done reading.  The writing was just descriptive enough to really get you involved in the story, but not enough that you got bored with reading it and the pace didn't move anywhere. 

This is a quiet mystery, one that has a lot of clues and won't leave you guessing, but is still a worthy read.

The Lake of Dead Languages
Copyright 2002
390 pages

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