December 07, 2013

The Museum of Abandoned Secrets by Oksana Zabuzkho

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I have a feeling this book was a lot better in its original language. In fact, it took over half the book for me to really start getting into it. Which at six hundred pages is a tall order.

This book spans a couple of different time periods. The modern time, in which Daryna, a journalist lives with Aidy and they have strange reoccurring dreams about the past. In their real lives though, Daryna deals with the canceling of her show and what to do with her life. She also copes with a friends death that has unanswered questions. Aidy runs an antique business and has untrustworthy souls in his life too. The people in the past are a part of the war and have many connections to each other and many secrets that they are covering up.

It was hard to really get to know any of the people in this book aside for Daryna and Aidy. Mainly because it was hard to follow who was who. So many connections and so many nicknames are used that if you aren't from a culture where this is commonplace it is almost incomprehensible. I did actually like Daryna and Aidy. They were flawed but had a lot of passion. The rest of the characters I didn't really like. I just couldn't connect to them and they all had some pretty horrible character traits.

This was very much a stream of consciousness type book and was brutal to read. Mainly because stream of consciousness for six hundred pages is overwhelming since it isn't my favorite style to begin with. And it bounced around quite a bit. Because of that it was hard to tell where you were in time in certain parts of the book. The overall theme was interesting. A lot of passion in the writing and Daryna and Aidy had interesting stories. I couldn't care about the parts in the past though so it made it hard to connect to the book as a whole.

If you like stream of consciousness you'll like this book. It does have several good parts and very descriptive language. For me though, it was only 2 1/2 stars.

The Museum of Abandoned Secrets
Copyright 2012
678 pages

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