October 20, 2013

The Geek's Guide to Dating by Eric Smith

**This book was received as a Goodreads Giveaway**

This was a cute book.  And I think it hilarious that it's aimed towards boys but the majority of the readers thus far seem to be girls.  Although it can apply to girls in some aspects. And the author even has a section on how this book relates to girl geeks.

Geeks have a hard time dating.  Especially if they stay in their basements playing video games all day.  Ok,so that's stereotyping, but really, this book advises those that may be more socially aware of NPC's than they are of real people.  We start with the introduction, and then prepping for a date.  Next is plotting how to meet someone and then the actual asking of someone on a date.  Chapter 5 has how to get through the date and chapter six explains what you do depending on if it went well or not.  Finally, we end with Chapter 7 which goes on to describe further dates or a breakup.  It's all covered.

I love the way the author describes "Player 1" in this book.  The person who wants to start dating that is.  He captures all of the weaknesses and the strengths.  And he tries to capture all of the different types of nerdiness there is, from comic books to video games, to just being tech savvy or a social media follower.  And there's a handy dandy guide for determining which sort of geek you are. 

As far as methods I think there is so good advice in here.  Especially if you haven't really dated before.  And while I didn't find out why even geeks don't hit on me, that's alright, I learned how they act when they're trying to ask someone out.  I think the chapters are outlined well and go in a logical order.  My only thing I didn't agree with was on the clothing part.  The first part was alright when he was talking about normal clothes, but then he tried to say that certain characters (like Captain Kirk or Neo) are great characters to emulate for clothing.  I'm not going to lie, some of those looks are just not going to get you a second date, just a weird couple of glances.  Otherwise, there's some good stuff in this book.

I do need to comment on the pictures and layout of the book.  It uses pixelized images and makes the book very videogameish. And everything is really colorful.  So a pretty book with useful information, it should be a book single geeks should definitely check out!

The Geek's Guide to Dating
Copyright 2013
204 pages

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