June 30, 2013

The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan

The Great Hunt is the second book in Jordan's Wheel of Time series.  If you haven't read the first book, The Eye of the World, you need to go start there.  This is a series that is meant to be read in order or you will be hopelessly lost.

The Eye of the World has been destroyed and Rand and company are staying in Shienar, awaiting their next moves.  Few know that Rand can channel, a man using the power is destined to go mad.  But when the Horn of Valere is stolen, he joins with a few others to go in search of it.  But while he's doing that, more trouble is brewing in the land, with an army landing on the coast and taking over and civil war breaking out in other areas.  Rand just wants to go home, but fate is not going to allow him to sink into oblivion.

Rand is not quite as approachable in this book, and it shows the progression of what he was to what he will be.  But he's still kind and worried about his friends, and that is what drives his motivation to do things in this book.  Perrin is very quiet in this book, and both he and Mat don't really have a large role.  I actually missed them a bit since they were more featured in the first book.  But the girls at least had a little more time devoted to them in this book, and their training with the Aes Sedai was interesting and I look forward to more.  But the bad guys are definitely bad guys, there isn't much grey to be found in this book.

This was a fast paced book even with its length.  It kept you hanging on wanting to know what would happen next.  But the detail can be a little cumbersome at times.  There were a few areas I started skimming because I didn't care about what sword position Rand was using or some of the war positions and diplomacies.  But I didn't skim very often.  Jordan creates a pretty elaborate world with a detailed magic system and cultures that seem believable. 

Another good book in the series and if you've made it past these two books, chances are you'll stick it through the whole massive series.  It's an adventure!

The Great Hunt
Copyright 1990
705 pages

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