April 02, 2013

If You Ask Me by Betty White

Betty White is one of my heroes.  There is just something about this woman that makes you smile and be inspired all at once.  So when I found her audiobook I of course had to give it a try.  And while I may have missed out on the pictures the physical book contains, that's ok, the audiobook is narrated by Betty herself.  And that's pretty special.

This memoir of sorts is really snippets of Betty's life.  She talks about her latest projects, animals she has loved, and other things.  She spends a little time on each so you get an overview of her life and the people she's been around, but nothing in-depth.  There are stories from the time she met Koko the Gorilla to that of her dog Pontiac.  She also shares about working with the cast of Hot In Cleveland and even a little bit about the Golden Girls.

Since Betty is narrating you get her sense of everyone from the book.  I don't think she's met a person she hasn't liked.  She had a kind word to say about everyone she mentions in this book, even if she disagreed with them on subjects.  But the animals are where she really came alive.  They are a big part of this book and it's no wonder that Betty is very active for supporting the well-being of animals.  As kind as she was describing the humans in this book, the animals took it to a whole other level.

I liked hearing about Betty's life.  She's a remarkable woman and the fact that she wrote this at age 89, she has a lot of stories to tell and a lot of wisdom to share.  But I do wish it had been a little more in depth.  At times it felt disjointed because she rushed from subject to subject without a clear transition.  I would just be getting into a story when it would become another.  But even so she's very good at telling her stories and all of them were interesting.  That's why you wanted more!  There was no objectionable content either, this is a memoir for anyone. 

A very nice book by Betty White.  I plan on checking some of her other books out and can only hope that she continues acting and writing, as she is very talented at both.

If You Ask Me
Copyright 2011

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