February 03, 2013

Blue Moon by Alyson Noel

Blue Moon is the sequel to Evermore and part of the Immortals series by Alyson Noel.  Now it is important to read these books in order, otherwise you will be completely lost in this second book.  Although really, while the first one was mildly entertaining, I'd have to say this one was a bore for me, so it's a read at your own risk type of book.

Ever is happily enjoying life with Damen, learning to be an immortal.  But then Damen starts behaving mysteriously, and she thinks it is linked to the new kid at their school, Roman.  But she's not sure how to prove it, and as Damen slips further and further away from her, she knows she has to visit the Summerlands in order to save Damen.  But even there, she's unsure of whether or not she'll find the answers she needs.

Ever goes from somewhat likable character to bumbling idiot in this book.  Her reactions to things and the ways she makes decisions just don't make sense.  She goes against all possible logic.  Damen isn't really in this book that much so at least I didn't have to watch him try to save Ever from herself.  Because that irritates me nearly as much as Ever acting on her own.  Thankfully her aunt Sabine is still level-headed and caring, and at this point my favorite character in the book.  Even her friends go more into obscurity in this book than they did in the first book.  They could have not been mentioned and it probably wouldn't have even mattered in the plot line.  And Roman, the antagonist of this book, could have really used some more mystery.  When you know he's the bad guy from the first paragraph he's in it makes the book less interesting.

In the Immortals universe I do like how Noel includes alchemy and astrology and other mythic elements.  It's clear she's given a little thought to her fantasy world and tried to develop it.  But when you get to the actual plot of the book it just doesn't work in this one.  Everything is so rushed and hurried that it's hard to make sense of what Ever is actually doing and some of the things she does do seems to be un-needed and plot filler.  We go from her deciding whether or not she'd like to sleep with Damen to needing to save him in only a few pages time and it's not a smooth transition.  This book might have had a shot if the plot was more developed and the bad guys not so predictable.

I've got the third book so I will be continuing on in this series.  And even though I did find the first book entertaining this one has certainly put me off of the series.  I can only hope that is redeemed in the next book, Shadowland.

Blue Moon
Copyright 2009
284 pages

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