September 10, 2012

Gap Creek by Robert Morgan

Wow, I've never really delved into the whole Oprah's Book Club thing, but this one had it blazoned on the cover, and it sounded like an interesting enough premise.  I'm not sure I'd read one of her suggestions again after this.  I was absolutely horrified at some parts.

Julie has had a tough but loving upbringing.  One of many girls ( a brother died young) she becomes accustomed to taking care of the family after her father falls ill.  Then, one day, along comes handsome Hank who proposes to her within a week and whisks her away to Gap Creek.  Here she is to be a housekeeper for the man they are staying with while Hank works in town.  But a series of hardships befall them and test this young marriage out.

Julie was an ok character.  She wasn't really believable, but at least she was admirable.  Hank on the other hand.  I really despised Hank.  Not only was he an idiot, but he was an abuser as well, physically, mentally, verbally.  He was the whole "package" and not in a good way.  And yet we were supposed to feel urges of sympathy for him through Julie's eyes.  Although she presented with the feelings and emotions of an abused person so I guess that part was accurate, although hardly what I think the author was going for.  Hank just ruined the whole book for me though, I kept hoping that Julie would leave his sorry self and that's when the story would get started.  And since those two were the bulk of the characters in the book, there weren't even redeeming side characters to appreciate much.

Not a lot actually happens as far as big events in this book.  It just details the tough time that Julie and Hank have in their marriage with acts of nature, troublesome neighbors, and meddling inlaws.  Not to mention the fights between the two because of Hank's insecurities.  I can't deny that the book wasn't well written.  It was well done in terms of use of language and writing style, the voice of the novel and accents were accurate, but the content was not ok.   And it was a very very sad tale, with barely any light at the end of the tunnel.

I just couldn't bring myself to like this book and will probably steer clear of Morgan if I come across another of his books.  I just couldn't align myself to the way he presented his characters.

Gap Creek
Copyright 1999
326 pages

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