April 26, 2012

Miriam's Heart by Emma Miller

I'm normally not too thrilled with the Love Inspired series. They're somewhat preachy and a little sappy. But I do have to say that I liked this one. Maybe because I considered it more of an Amish romance, which is a genre I do enjoy.

Miriam has been running the farm since her dad died. She has plenty of sisters, but in the Amish world, the women mainly do the indoor chores while the fields and barns are left to the men. But she feels more at home there. Luckily she's pretty enough that she catches the attention of two different men who want to court her. The one, Charley has been her friend forever and she's not sure she has that kind of spark for him. The other is just a little bit different, a little bit wild, and Mennonite, she'd have to leave her faith for him. Miriam's not sure what to do, and her heart isn't helping things. Should she go for the friend, or the man that can offer her the world.

I have mixed feelings about Miriam. She's a little wishy washy and it drove me up a wall at times. I did like her two beaus though. They both had good aspects and seemed like decent guys, although very different from each other. She had a good group of sisters too, which makes me excited that there seems to be a book for each of them. So really it was just Miriam that didn't thrill me as much in the book. The side characters are great!

The plot, well let's just say that the ending didn't go the way I wanted it to and Miriam didn't make the decision I would have made. But I guess there's plenty of people out there who probably think differently from me so they'll be happy. It was an interesting notion having an Amish girl courting two boys, just not very common. So I enjoyed that unique aspect of the book. And despite being a Love Inspired book and Amish fiction, the religion was tolerable and not preachy.

I look forward to the other books in the series. Should be interesting to see what happens with Miriam's sisters.

Miriam's Heart
Copyright 2011
216 pages

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