November 03, 2011

Whose Panties are These by Jennifer Leo

Ok, so the only reason I'm reading this book (and the 3rd one in the series) is because they were lent to me and I was told I have to read them. Otherwise, after the first book in this series, Sand in My Bra, I would have just stopped as I did not enjoy it. This one, while a little better, still wasn't that great.

The whole premise of these books is that they are funny travel narratives written by women. This means that these stories take place all over the world and even in the United States for different destinations. They can range from stories about air travel, to mixing with the locals, to other embarrassing happenstances. A great example would be the story in here about the woman who loves to get Chinese Hair Washes. After reading about how amazing these are, and cheap, for what equals out to the best massage of your life, I now have a goal to go to China sometime and try this out. There's also the women whose family wandered onto the wrong part of the beach while traveling and yet another who had some interesting experiences with a Japanese subway line.

But these are supposed to be humorous anecdotes and sadly, the vast majority were not only not funny, but not even entertaining. And since it is also supposed to be a travel themed book, many of these events could have happened anywhere and the place wasn't even relevant, a problem the first book had as well. The stories mainly focus around the authors themselves so there is no good chance to really hear about any of the locals or sometimes even the place they are visiting. It kind of makes traveling a moot point when you're more worried about your underwear than the scenery.

The writing is ok for some, terrible for others, with a few gleaming standouts. The humor didn't come across well and a lot of it was pretty wordy for the short story format, especially when it was an uninteresting topic to begin with. There are a lot of curse words and descriptions of undergarments and body parts, so if this is not your thing, steer clear. I think the only thing that really skeeved me out though was the story of the lady with a bug in her ear. I think I might have nightmares now. Luckily though, for as much as I didn't enjoy reading this book, it was the short story format that kept me from throwing it across the room. You never had to stick with one story for very long.

Not the best and there are certainly funnier books out there. There are also better travel books out there so both categories could be improved on. Hopefully the 3rd book in the series is a little better.

Whose Panties are These?
Copyright 2004
200 pages

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